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US Swine flu back 2012 - Spread From Pigs to People

posted Aug 21, 2012, 10:58 AM by Solar Life
Swine Influenza: New Cases 
Spread From Pigs to People

Illinois State Fair taking steps to stop spread of new swine flu

1st confirmed in-state case of H3N2 variant, being carried by pigs, spurs hygienic precautions and warier eye on participants' livestock

child who picked up H3N2
State public health officials on Thursday confirmed Illinois' first case, a child who picked up influenza A variant H3N2 after visiting the Coles County Fair last week. The case is one of at least 146 nationwide,

Swine Influenza: New Cases Spread From Pigs to People

The case count jumped from 29 a week ago to 158 this week, thanks to a wave of new cases in Indiana and Ohio, said Bresee, the agency's chief of influenza epidemiology.

Most of the infected patients are children — probably because many were working closely with raising, displaying and visiting pigs at the agricultural fairs, Bresee said.

The recent cases include at least 113 in Indiana, 30 in Ohio, one in Hawaii and one in Illinois, Bresee said in a conference call with reporters.