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Who are we?

TGI Solutions has over 10 years experience in Mac development and over 15 years of Mac use. Our skills are based around artwork automation using AppleScript, FileMaker Pro and REALbasic to automate QuarkXPress based work-flows. Recently we achieved Apple Solution Expert status in recognition of the skills and expertise we have built up.


What We Have Done?
In the past we have written various solutions for pre-press, retail, office based admin and others. The core skills used are AppleScript, FileMaker Pro and REALbasic. Although most of our work is undertaken on the Mac platform, both FileMaker Pro and REALbasic are cross platform development environments. See Case Studies for more about our recent work.

What Can We Do For You?

If you perform any repetitive tasks on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, we can probably write tools to help speed up your work and remove errors. We can also write any database system such as CRM, admin, studio support, or anything else you may need using FileMaker Pro.