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Robelle 3 in. Jumbo Chlorine Tabs Information

Hayneedle Features & Description

Robelle 3 in. Jumbo Chlorine Tabs
  • Individually wrapped for easy and safe handling
  • Stabilized to protect against harmful UV rays
  • Improves the chlorine residual in your pool
  • Weekly maintenance dosage is 1 to 3 tablets per 10000 gal.
  • Choose from available capacities

Robelle 3 in. Jumbo Chlorine Tabs are ideal for proper pool maintenance. Individually wrapped and easy to use, they protect the water from UV rays and help keep your pool bacteria and algae free.

About Robelle Known as a leader in the pool industry, Robelle has been a top supplier of products, chemicals, and accessories since 1973. Their products reflect the high quality standards and practices the company subscribes to and is dedicated to offering customers the best possible products available for keeping pools clean and maintained properly. Robelle has been supplying swimming pool chemicals and accessories to regional and national chains, as well as New England pool specialty dealers for over four decades and continues to grow a dedicated clientele of satisfied pool owners.

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