US soldiers kill Nahrain

 US soldiers kill Nahrain (22), mother of Aysha(3) and Haydar (40 days)

They tried to frame her as a terrorist!

  Report dated 11th April 2006

The occupiers kill Nahrain (22) mother of Aysha(3) and Haidar (40 days) in Ishaqi

A report by Dhia Al Askary of Iraqi Rabita dated 11th April, details the horrific circumstances of the killing of Nahrain wife of Ahmed al Jarmoutt. Nahrain who comes from Baghdad was a Shia married Ahmed a Sunni, it was a love marriage.

It was dawn on the 10th April, when the American soldiers bew up the door of the house of Ahmed Jarmoutt in the town of Ishaqi at Al Saffa village, the scene of an American military massacre that took place last month.

Nahrian was asleep next to her husband, the soldiers burst in with their dogs, one soldier opened the bedroom's door and was thought to have fired about 30 rounds, killing Nahrain and injuring her husband, who was subsequently taken into American custody along with Nahrain's brothers.

The story was told by Nahrain's sister who was staying in the same house.

" They blew up our door and burst in with their dogs shooting in all directions, they started to search us all, men and women without reluctance or shame.

Before and throughout this raid there were American planes dropping bombs in and around the area. A soldier burst into the main bedroom firing about 30 rounds in all directions. We learnt after he stopped that he had killed Nahrain and injured Ahmed her husband. An American soldier radioed for help more soldiers arrived, they put a Kelashinkov on Nahrain's chest and took photographs of her. They then turned on my brothers beating them up and firing on them, my brothers got injured, the American soldiers took them away as well."

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