IRAQ IDPS: Fragmentation of Cultural and National Identity
Public meeting hosted by Tadhamun (Iraqi Women Solidarity) 

The International Organization for Migration-Iraq mission has recently identified 3,320,844 internally displaced Iraqis (553,474 families), often they can neither return home nor move elsewhere. Some of them have suffered forced displacement twice if not three times. The magnitude of the man- made disaster is staggering especially when millions of Iraqi children lack access to education, health care and are vulnerable to abuse.  

Speakers at this meeting will be Mapping Iraq's IDPs - refugee situation, focusing on the effects of such devastation on the uprooted individuals, on social cohesion, demographic changes and connect it to broader issues of cultural and national identity.

Speakers invited: 

Dawn Chatty, of Oxford Department of International Development, University of Oxford

Yasin Al-Eethawie, an Iraqi academic

Mundher Al -Adhami - Education consultant

Joanne Baker - a human rights activist and co-coordinator of Child Victims of War

Ferial Ahmad - consultant microbiologist runs voluntary clinic for Iraqi & Syrian IDPs

Dina Bseisu - Founder of Challenge to Change

Rashad Salim - Artist- Researcher - Ark Re-imagined Project