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Voices For Peace

Aramaic Chants & Classical Music from Iraq with a tribute to Ziriab 

Watch out for the DVD recording of the evening will be available soon

Khatchatur Pilikian     
Francesco IannuzzelliFrancesco Iannuzzelli

      Narmeen Zangana

Victoria Brittain
     Victoria Brittain 

Iraqis have always strived to convey hope in their future on their journey towards peace and justice, despite the many wrongs and destruction of their homeland.
From the Mesopotamian Aramaic chants of lament and repentance to classical music based on Maqam, from the epic of Gilgamesh in search for eternal life to the music of the exile.

A DVD recording of a musical evening "Voices for Peace- Aramiac Chants & Classical Music from Iraq" to celebrate Iraqi culture and people at St. Barnabas' Church - London

organised by:
Tadhamun – Iraqi Women Solidarity http://solidarityiraq.blogspot.com

For more info pls call: 07989861380/ 07969029321

Behnam Keryo Musician and Author from Mousel -Iraq

Alberto Portugheis 
International pianist