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Human Rights Violations Dossier  - ملف خروقات حقوق الأنسان

The bathroom had four clogged toilets and it was infested with insects, and extremely hot and dirty. “They kept me in there for 22 days and the only time I was allowed outside was to use the toilet since none of them in my cell worked.” When she was taken out to relieve herself, she was forced to do so in front of male detainees. “It was a disgrace,” she said while looking at the ground.

Iraqi Woman’s Story, detained and tortured by US Military


 Ever since the case of the raping and killing of an Iraqi and the alleged murder of three of her family members by U.S. troops went public, the age of the rape victim had been in dispute, ranging from about 15 to 25. Two days ago, Reuters and others news agencies produced proof that she was 14, based on a passport and identity card. Most news organizations then started calling her a girl -- but some persist in referring to her as a "woman."

U.S news outlets persist in calling murdered 14-year-old Iraqi girl a 'woman'

The story was told by Nahrain's sister who was staying in the same house.

" They blew up our door and burst in with their dogs shooting in all directions, they started to search us all, men and women without reluctance or shame. Before and throughout this raid there were American planes dropping bombs in and around the area. A soldier burst into the main bedroom firing about 30 rounds in all directions. We learnt after he stopped that he had killed Nahrain and injured Ahmed her husband.

  US soldiers kill Nahrain in Ishaqi - Iraq


Only later did the translator ask me to fetch the identity cards of those killed -- only to realise that there was no Mohamed among them. He said simply, 'sorry, but we have killed them on a suspicion.

 Um Jaafar saw her three sons being killed in a matter of minutes


 But the details of what happened that morning in Haditha are more disturbing, disputed and horrific than the military initially reported. According to eyewitnesses and local officials interviewed over the past 10 weeks, the civilians who died in Haditha on Nov. 19 were killed not by a roadside bomb but by the Marines themselves, who went on a rampage in the village after the attack, killing 15 unarmed Iraqis in their homes, including seven women and three children. Human-rights activists say that if the accusations are true, the incident ranks as the worst case of deliberate killing of Iraqi civilians by U.S. service members since the war began.

Collateral Damage or Civilian Massacre in Haditha?

Amnesty International Deeply Disturbed by Allegations of Civilian Massacre in Haditha 


Iraq: children suffer as food insecurity persists, UNICEF reports


انتهاك حرمة عبير وحياتها لحظة مختلفة في زمن الاحتلال - تحليل هيئة إرادة المرأة   

 Women in Basra- A report published in the Indpenednet on Sunday newspaper- 8th June 2006


The ugly truth about everyday life in Baghdad (by the US ambassador)

CONFIDENTIAL MEMO FROM: US Ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad, Baghdad TO: Condoleezza Rice, Secretary of State SUBJECT: SNAPSHOTS FROM THE OFFICE SENSITIVE Published: 20 June 2006

An extensive report on the the methds of torture in US detention centres written in Arabic  

الاستراتيجية الأمريكية في إذلال وتعذيب المعتقلين العراقيين - دراسة و تقرير