ِAbeer Qassim Hamza عبير قاسم حمزة

Many reports intially describing Abeer as a Woman, when Reuters correspondent has already interviewed her neighbours who said she was only 13. These reports disappeared from the websites, like the one below.

GIs may have planned Iraq rape, slaying

أغتصاب عبير هو الاحتلال في جوهره- بيان هيأة أرادة المرأة


Ever since the case of the raping and killing of an Iraqi and the alleged murder of three of her family members by U.S. troops went public, the age of the rape victim had been in dispute, ranging from about 15 to 25. Two days ago, Reuters and others news agencies produced proof that she was 14, based on a passport and identity card. Most news organizations then started calling her a girl -- but some persist in referring to her as a "woman."

U.S news outlets persist in calling murdered 14-year-old Iraqi girl a 'woman'