My original line of research is in International Finance, OpenEconomy Macroeconomics, and Economic Development, using primarily timeseries data.

I have published extensively in three main areas:
  • Foreign exchange markets and exchange market pressure
  • Macroeconomic volatility and volatility transmission 
  • Business-cycle comovements and economic integration. 
I also have specialized knowledge of Central Europe and the Baltic region, as well as Russia and Mexico. My interdisciplinary academic background includes coursework in Eastern European history, geography, politics, and environmental issues. I have presented papers in Hungary, Latvia, and Estonia, and lectured in Riga and Warsaw. I have a decent working knowledge of Russian, Latvian, Polish, and other regional languages, but probably speak better Spanish.

Most of my research is listed on RePEc. For the time being, I am listed among the Top 5% of authors over the last 10 years.

Selected Publications:
Measuring Exchange Market Pressure and its Contagion in the East African Community”   South African Journal of Economics, 2014
Principal Component Measures of Exchange Market Pressure: Comparisons With Variance
Weighted MeasuresApplied Financial Economics, 2013
Money Market Pressure in Emerging Economies: International Contagion Versus Domestic Determinants Economic Systems, 2012

How Integrated Are the Exchange Markets of the Baltic Sea Region? An Examination of Market Pressure and its ContagionBaltic Journal of Economics, 2012
“Capital Flows to Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus: Does ‘Hot’ Money Respond Differently to Macroeconomic Shocks?New York Economic Review, 2011
Is Exchange
Market Pressure Contagious Among Transition Economies? Applied Financial Economics, 2011

Working Papers and Presentations:
Common Cycles and Baltic–Nordic Economic Integration Presented at Riga Technical University (ICEM-2017 conference), Latvia, May 2017
Earlier version presented at NEIU, 2015
Price Volatility and External Risk: Implications for the Macroeconomies of Central and Eastern Europe,” Presented at Szent István University (Gödöllő, Hungary), 2015  (full conference paper)

The Impact of Openness on Macroeconomic Volatility in the Baltics” (an early, unpublished manuscript from 2008)

“NAFTA, the Peso, and U.S.
Mexico Commodity Trade” (under the direction of Dr. Mohsen Bahmani–Oskooee).
Three papers from this dissertation are published (in Southern Economic Journal, the Journal of Development Studies, and Applied Economics).

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