Recently, I have been moving more toward urban and regional issues (Urban Economics and Economic Geography). I have studied urban geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at the graduate level at UWMilwaukee and NEIU. I apply these skills, as well as economic analysis and geospatial statistics, to both microeconomic and macroeconomic problems. In particular, I am interested in urban development and industrial restructuring in the central cities of the U.S. Midwest, and also in Central and Eastern Europe. I do both spatial (GIS) and macro (timeseries) analysis, primarily using R, QGIS, and ArcGIS. My main areas of focus are currently:
  • Mapping innercity business location and examining inequalities in service provision
  • Quantifying economic deprivation
  • Analyzing urban crime patterns and their connection to local economic conditions.
I also integrate these topics into my macroeconomics research, studying economic integration, and conducting analyses of business-cycle comovements and regional convergence.

Published Research:
Crime, Housing Tenure, and Economic Deprivation: Evidence from Milwaukee, Wisconsin Journal of Urban Affairs, 2017