Recently, I have been moving more toward urban and regional issues (Urban and Economic Geography). Having lived and worked in the cities of Buffalo, Chicago, and Milwaukee, I am interested in economic disparities and the economic performance of core cities within larger metropolitan regions, particularly in the socalled Rust Belt. I also study economic transformations and ethnic diversity in the cities of Central and Eastern Europe. 

I did graduate coursework in urban geography and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) at UWMilwaukee and NEIU, and do spatial and econometric analysis using R, QGIS, and ArcGIS. My main areas of focus are currently:
  • Quantifying economic deprivation and the distribution of poverty within cities
  • Mapping innercity business locations (particularly banks) and examining inequalities in service provision
  • Analyzing urban crime patterns and their connection to local economic conditions.
I have published in peerreviewed journals and collaborate with practitioners across disciplines, particularly in Public Health. I am now a coPI on a research team that is examining cancer treatment disparities in the city of Chicago.  I am currently working on a number of projects, including a statistical analysis of Milwaukees 53206 ZIP Code.

Published Research:
The Rust Belt, the Sunbelt, and the Concentration of Poverty Within Large U.S. Cities” The Review of Regional Studies, forthcoming, 2019

Conference Presentations and Papers:
“Banking Deserts,” Bank Branch Losses, and Neighborhood Socioeconomic Characteristics in the City of Chicago
                            Poster presented at UIC GIS Day, November 16, 2018
                   Full paper presented to the Chicago Public Health GIS Network, December, 2018
Are Urban and Suburban Poverty Converging in the Rust Belt? Illinois Economic Association, October 2018.
Acquisitive Crimes, Time of Day, and Multiunit Housing in the City of Milwaukee,” Chicago Public Health GIS Network, November 2017
Spatial Measures of Socioeconomic Deprivation: An Application to Four Midwestern Industrial Cities,
                            North American Meetings of the Regional Science Association International
, November 2016 

Working Papers and Preliminary Results: