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Rocking Out Cancer Tour!
 Sigma Chi’s Derby Days Packet 2010

Lambda Zeta Chapter

Florida Gulf Coast University


General Information: Derby Days is the biggest national philanthropy event in the Greek world. The premise is to create events of a competitive setting allowing sororities to come together to support not only Sigma Chi’s philanthropy but to also have the chance to win a portion of the raised funds for their philanthropy as well. This is accomplished through a series of events and fundraisers that will be done through out the week.

This week long event will have several smaller events that will be scored by a point system that will be specific to each event. Each of the events will be discussed in the packet in detail with the time of the event, the date, the location and if theirs apparel that is necessary.

            All proceeds will be divided 80/20. Giving the sorority that wins over all 20 percent to give to that sorority’s philanthropy of choice.  The rest will be given to the Huntsman Cancer Institute.


General Rules:

1.      Punctuality: This is mainly for the participants of an event that has a time limit If your chapter is late to an event there will be a 20 point deduction of your final score for each tardiness to an event (not by member but as a whole).


Cheating:  Cheating will not be tolerated. All of the rules will be in the packet and each member should know them if they are going to participate. There will be zero tolerance for cheating and you will be disqualified for that event.  Two disqualifications and you will not be allowed to participate for the rest of the week!

2.      Alcohol: There will be no alcohol allowed during the events of Derby Days. This is to minimize accidents and to comply with FGCU policy, as well as to make sure that we all have some good clean fun during the school hours that some events will take place.


3.      Sigma Chi will adhere to all FGCU policies during the week of events even while off campus. Please make sure that we maintain this legacy of Derby Days alive by following the rules in place.


Point System

·       The sorority with the highest amounts of points at the end of the week will be the overall champion. Points are accumulated via the events listed in this packet.

·       Each event will have its own worth and will be on a scale of 1st, 2nd, 3rd

·       If a tie is to occur during the week both parties will be given the 1st place amount of points

·       If a tie is to happen at end of the week another event will be created for those that have tied.


Event #1: Spirit/Attendance

Attendance and spirit are great ways to earn bonus points during events. This will be done the same way Greek Week is done; i.e. attendance will be based on percent of your total members that are present as opposed to a straight number. Girls should wear something that represents their individual organization and/or something related to Sigma Chi. Each event there will be a sign- in sheet to make sure that you we keep track of who was present

            There are exceptions to this since there’s no real way that an entire chapter can participate and be kept track of in certain events. The exceptions are the following events:

Derby Chase

Derby Darling Race



1.Spirited items allowed will be any item of visible clothing that has either the individual’s organization’s letters or Sigma Chi’s.


First Place: 150

Second Place: 100

Third Place: 50

Fourth Place: 25

Event #2: Derby Chase

The Derby Chase begins promptly on Monday at 10 a.m. and will end on Thursday at 2 p.m.

This is a national event that is done historically through every chapter. The premise is that every member of the Sigma Chi chapter will have a derby hat. This hat must be protected and worn by the Sig (Sigma Chi Member). The job of every sorority is to capture the most hats by the end of the week. The sororities can do anything but interfere with a person’s health, school, or work or violate FGCU’s policies.





1.      There is to be no physical abuse to the Sig possessing the hat.

2.      There is no stealing of hats from other sororities.

3.      All Sigs are fair game until the hat is touched by the sorority girl. First one to fully grasp and conceal the hat wins that hat.

4.      Safe houses are any place that a Sig will go to sleep or eat or work at. Ex: any Sig’s office, place of residence, OR CLASSROOM.

5.      Any Sig is safe if he is asleep.

6.      Sorority girls MUST wear letters that identify your sorority while participating

7.      A Sig can deny the hat if the girl is not in her letters

8.      If there are left over hats they will be dealt with on Friday after all the events



First Place: 200 Points

Second Place: 150 Points

Third Place: 100 Points

Fourth Place: 75 Points


Event #3: Derby Darling Race

This event is on Monday Nov. 1st from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.

This event is will involve the Derby Darling nominees. Each nominee will be given a jar each of the same each size. At 10 a.m. each darling will have the allowed amount of time to go around and fill the jar with the MOST amount of money. The darling with the most money will win this event for your sorority. Please have the Darling meet with a Derby Daddy at the “I soar” statue 15 minutes before 10 a.m.



1.Darlings cannot steal from the others jar.
2.Darlings can get donations in checks or cash (checks made out to sigma chi )
3.Darlings cannot use money from the penny war jar to fill or total their jar for that day.
4.Derby Darlings will also need to be dressed in a form of 1980’s  style clothes


Each sorority will receive 25 points for participating.

First Place: 100 points

Second Place 75 points

Third Place 50 points

Fourth Place 25 points





Event #4: Penny Wars


This event will involve each sorority having a large jar at the table. This jar will be used to have money to be collected during the day. The sorority that fills the jar up with the most money at the end of the week will win this contest. This will be held in Zone 3 in the walk way by Ben Hill Griffin.



1.At least three girls must be at the table at all times.
2.At least one Derby Daddy has to be at the table at all times
3.No stealing of others funds from the jars
4.You may lobby for funds.


First Place: 200 Points

Second Place: 150 Points

Third Place: 100 Points


Event #5 Cream-a-Sig

This event will be on Tuesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Each participant will pay $1 and get 2 chances to hit a brother with some sort of balloon filled with substance of choice. This event will be held at the same area that the Penny Wars takes place.



1.For every sorority girl that spends money they will receive points for participation toward this event and will receive one point to their attendance count.
2.Every extra non-sorority dollar that is spent to participate will be added to the jar of their choice but will not count to points for a sorority at THIS event

1.      For every sorority girl that participates they will collect 10 points for every DOLLAR they spend.

2.      Winner will be based on who has the most dollars spent.

3.      Each Derby Daddy is worth 50 points for each $1 spent. But they can only be hit between certain 30 minute span.


Event #6: Derby Ducky Races

This event will be on Wednesday from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Penny Wars station.

Ducks will be sold for $2 during the week and $1 in advance.

Rubber ducks will be sold and given to those that buy them. These ducks will be placed in races. The race will be in a large container holding water and will be moved by wind made by a fan. The winner of the most races will win the total points for the event.  Every duck in the race will count as 10 points to your sorority’s totals.



1.The ducks will be bought but will be held until the day of the race. You will be given a number.
2.There will be no interruption of the fan or addition from hands or anyone extra during the race
3.Any interruption of the ducks pattern that is not done by an authorized person all ducks from that sorority will be removed from that heat of the race.


First Place: 100 Points

Second Place: 100 Points

Third Place: Points


Event #7: Skit Night

This will be on Thursday night at 7 p.m. at the Gulf Coast Town Center Stage.

This event will be a skit night. Your sorority will be judged on the following:



1.      Each skit will be 10 minutes long. Any performance lasting longer than 10 minutes will be asked to stop.

2.      Each skit must use an 80’s rock song within the dance

3.      The theme is “rocking out cancer” so make this your rock star show.

4.      At least one Derby Daddy must be in the skit.

5.      Three judges will be chosen and they will vote on a 1 to 4 scale on the following criteria: spirit for Sigma Chi, originality, overall performance, sticking to theme (this will include how performers are dressed), use of 80’s song, participation of Derby Daddy, sticking to the amount of time given.



First Place: 200 Points

Second Place: 150 Points

Third Place: 100 Points

Fourth Place: 50 Points

Bonus Points: Every extra sorority girl that walks in to watch the skit and donates. That sorority will give that many points to their total of points. Ex: $5 = 5 points



Event # 8: The Chant Off

This will be held at the Recreational Fields behind the Library Greens at 10 a.m.

This event is the most spirited of the week. Each sorority will be judged on their most original chant and on a chant for Sigma Chi.



1.Each sorority should come dressed in their own letters showing off spirit
2.Each sorority will be allowed to perform two sorority chants and one Sigma Chi chant.
3.Performances will be held in alphabetical order by organization name. One chant per round.
4.Points will be awarded based on spirit and enthusiasm of sorority chants and creativity points will be given to any original chants. No stunts or dancing will be allowed.
5.The Sigma Chi chant will be based on creativity and performance of the chant. This will be judged by one guest judge.


First Place: 200 Points

Second Place: 150 Points

Third Place: 100 Points

Fourth Place: 50 Points


Event #9: Relay Race

This will be held Friday immediately after the chant off at the same location.

This event is an amazing race style with different parts. The girls should wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes. This is a 5 part challenge. Each event will only start when the token item is in the persons hands.



1.      Each event will start when the sorority token reaches the group that was chosen for each event.

2.      The next event cannot be started until the prior event is completed and the token can only leave the prior event when that event is completed.

3.      Fighting is not permitted

4.      Only the people chosen for each event will be allowed to participate and no one else

5.      Anything in delaying the other team from their next relay leg will not be tolerated and will make that event to be disqualified.

6.      The events will be revealed with directions that day before the relay race.




First Place: 200 Points

Second Place: 150 Points

Third Place: 100 Points

Fourth Place: 50 Points