The Society of Women Engineers Graduate Committee at the University of Texas at Austin was started in the Fall of 2008 by Anne Silverman and Prinda Wanakule in response to the lack of events tailored to graduate women in engineering and computer science.  The committee consists of a focused group of graduate students who wish to continue involvement in SWE at the graduate level.  

The goals of the committee are to:
  1. Foster a support network for graduate women in engineering and computer science
  2. Provide personal, professional, and leadership development opportunities for graduate women in engineering and computer science
  3. Serve as mentors to undergraduate SWE members, especially in education about graduate school, fellowships, and research experiences
  4. Promote graduate involvement in SWE at the Society level by staying current with the Graduate Focus Interest Group and the Women in Academia Committee
  5. Maintain a symbiotic relationship with the WEP Faculty Committee at UT

Questions? Please feel free to contact the committee by sending an email to ut-swe-graduate-committee@googlegroups.com

National Involvement:
Interested in getting involved in SWE at a National Level? Check out the Graduate Student Community:
•Graduate student network throughout the world
•Incorporating graduate student interests into SWE by:
▫Planning national and regional conference sessions
▫Planning webinars
▫Representing graduate student interests at the national and regional level
▫Representing graduate students internationally
•The Community is supported by the following positions (read more on the blog!):
▫Graduate Member Coordinator (GMC, GMC-elect)
▫Graduate Programming Coordinator (GPC, GPC-elect)
▫Regional Conference Coordinator (RCC)
▫International Coordinator
▫Webinars Coordinator
▫Globalization Advisory Board Member
▫Blog: http://swegrad.wordpress.com/
▫Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/swegrad/
▫Email list serve – instructions on how to join are found on the Blog

SWE@UT Graduate Committee

A few of us recently went to Enchanted Rock! This is us at the top of the rock!