SWERC'2006 - MIUP invitation

Here is a good chance to train for SWERC 





This may be of interest to you or to your students. 

The organizers of SWERC'2006 and MIUP'2006 invite you all to participate on the online version of MIUP'2006, the Portuguese National ACM Programming Contest.

URL to participate: http://miup06.ubi.pt/
Contest: MIUP'2006
Number of Problems: 9
Date: 21/10/2005
Time: 10:00 to 15:00 Lisbon time (which is currently UTC/GMT +1)
Languages available: C, C++, Java and Pascal

Right now Mooshak will not permit you to register, but that will be possible at least on the day of the contest itself.

The automatic evaluation system used is Mooshak:
This system has been used in all portuguese contests for some years and it has also been used in SWERC (Southwestern European Regional ACM Contest) since 2001. Probably some of you should have already used it  ;-)  Also, it will be used on SWERC'006.

You will be on a public and free contest, but you will be able to compare yourself with the actual teams participating on the "official" contest.

Feel free to tell you friends about this contest.

Good programming to you all!