SWERC 2006 News

South Western Europe Regional ACM Programming Contest 2006. November, 17-19, 2006. Lisbon, Portugal.








Hotel Reservation

Computer Environment 

Invited talks 

Late breaking news

[2006/11/09] Wireless access @ SWERC'2006

There will be plenty of wireless connections for those with laptops and also a few desktop computers, in the contest site. At the hotel, there will be free wireless internet in the lobby and free "wiremore" internet in the rooms. Also two computers for guests, free for 20 minutes.

[2006/10/13] Added SWERC'2006 Schedule

The schedule for SWERC'2006 is now available, as well as the abstracts for our invited talks

[2006/10/04] Registered teams roster

Check the list of participant teams, and find out who will be your rivals in this exciting competition. 

[2006/09/29] Computer environment

Information concerning our  computer environment is now available.

[2006/09/27] Artwork available

Help us advertising SWERC'2006! The A3 poster of SWERC'2006 is now available (pdf file, 6.41MB). You can also download aditional SWERC logos with multiple backgrounds (pdf file, 460KB) and a banner (pdf file, 166KB).

[2006/09/25] Web server issues (2)

The hotel reservation form is back online. Please submit your hotel reservation request here.

[2006/09/25] Web server issues (1)

Due to an upgrade in our web server machine, the hotel reservation form has been unstable since last Wednesday. No reservations were received since then. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will fix this problem ASAP. 

[2006/09/24] Registration and Hotel Reservation

Registration and hotel reservation are now available.  

Coaches can now register teams in the SWERC'2006. To do so, please go to the regional contest site, create a coach account (if you don't have one yet), select  "The 2006 Southwestern Europe Programming Contest", and then follow the instructions.   Before registering your contestants, please check the eligibility requirements for all of them. But note that you may register an "empty" team first, in order to reserve a place, and fill in the details of the contestants later, after you have selected them. 

[2006/09/24] Pre-registration period is now over 

The pre-registration is no longer available. Check the pre-registered teams here

[2006/06/16] SWERC'2006 Pre-Registration (deprecated)

Some universities have contacted us about the number of teams allowed per university. The general rule is 2, on a first come first served basis, plus 1, if we have enough places.
In previous years not all places were taken in the end, meaning 3 teams could have been accepted per university.
Some universities would like to make flight reservation very early, and for that they must know how many teams will be accepted.
We are willing to guarantee 3 teams for the first 8 universities who pre-register with us. This "special offer" is for the benefit of those universities that have fly to Lisbon and that want to make flight reservations now. Universities that drive or take the train (meaning Portuguese universities and Spanish universities close to Portugal) please abstain: this is not for you.
Please note that this does NOT replace the regular registration at the ICPC site.

[2006/04/23] SWERC'2006 Web site created

The site will be updated as new information becomes available. Please visit us soon.