SWERC'2006 Invited talks

South Western Europe Regional ACM Programming Contest 2006. November, 17-19, 2006. Lisbon, Portugal.








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Saturday, November 18, 11h00-11h30 

Programming the Web 2.0 - The Hackers Return

by Carlos Alves

The World Wide Web and the way it is programmed is going through a new paradigm shift. In this new era, information, services, APIs and global communication are at the fingertips of every knowledgeable programmer. During this presentation we'll walkthrough a few case studies of World Wide Web hacking, remixing and programming and how they make an impact in the economy and society.

Saturday, November 18, 11h30-12h00

Prospective Programming with ACORDA

by Luís Moniz Pereira

As we face the real possibility of modelling programs that are capable of nondeterministic self-evolution, we are confronted with the problem of having several different possible futures for a single such program. It is desirable that such a system be somehow able to look ahead, prospectively, into such possible futures, in order to determine the best courses of evolution from its own present, and then to prefer amongst them. This is the objective of the ACORDA, a prospective logic programming system.