SWERC 2006

South Western Europe Regional ACM Programming Contest 2006. November, 17-19, 2006. Lisbon, Portugal.









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SWERC'2006 goodies

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Público, ciênciapt.net, IBM, TEK online 

And the winner is...

... from Catalunya...

... UPC 2, with 7 problems solved! Congratulations!!!

Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya - UPC 2    

Ricardo Martín Brualla
Marçal Garolera Huguet
Daniel Rodrigo López
Salvador Roura, Coach

... after an exciting duel with our runner-ups...

 Johannes Kepler Universität Linz-AEIOU  

Christian Wirth
Thomas Würthinger
Roland Schatz
Christian Wirth, Coach

Ecole Normale Supérieure (Ulm)- ENS ULM

Michal Was
Lucien Pech
Loïc Février
Antoine Miné, Coach

Final standings 

Check the final results and problems list here!

Welcome to SWERC 2006 

Let the games begin...

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What's new?

[2006/11/15] Welcome to Lisbon... 

[2006/11/15] Weather forecast: make sure you are prepared for a couple of rainy days. Bring in your raincoats and umbrellas. 

[2006/11/13] Check our participants list here.

[2006/11/09] Please make sure that you are aware of the constraints concerning allowed materials in the contest area. See our regulation page for further details.

[2006/11/09] The external link to the online contest is now available here.

[2006/11/09] There will be plenty of wireless connections for those with laptops and also a few desktop computers, in the contest site. At the hotel, there are 4 computers with internet access for guests, as well as wireless connections for your laptops, on the lobby, with free access. Please ask for the password and further details at the hotel reception desk.

[2006/10/27] We have reached the hotel's capacity, with respect to double rooms with an extra bed. Don't worry, there are still other room types available for you.

[2006/10/26] How to get from the airport to Costa da Caparica? There are at least three alternatives:

  • By taxi. This is the most convenient way, although more expensive than the alternatives. The fare should be around 25-30 euros. Please note that if you arrive  at Lisbon's rush hour (from 18h00 to 20h30) you will have an exciting site-seeing tour at two speeds - stopped and even slower - while attempting to cross the bridge over the river, to get to Costa da Caparica.
  • By bus & boat. Take the Carris Aerobus N.91 to Cais do Sodré. Then, get into the ferry boat to Cacilhas. Finally, take the TST bus N. 124, or N.135 from Cacilhas to Costa da Caparica. The latter is less frequent, but faster. The hotel is within a walking distance from the bus terminal.
  • By bus & train. Take the Carris Aerobus N.91 to Entrecampos, then take the Fertagus train from Entrecampos to Pragal, and finally  take the TST bus N. 124. The hotel is within a walking distance from the bus terminal.

While crossing the river, take a look at  some of Lisbon's most famous landmarks, on your right, in the river banks. You won't regret it.

[2006/10/26] About keyboards: please see under Computer Environment, then Working Environment, hardware part.

[2006/10/20] Do you feel like practicing a bit? Here is an opportunity, the MIUP contest, on 2006/10/21.

[2006/10/14] Don't get lost! ;-) We have here a set of placemarks for Google Earth where you can find the most relevant locations for this event.

[2006/10/13] The schedule for SWERC'2006 is now available. Note the abstracts of our two invited talks

[2006/10/13] Please pay attention to the rule about the materials allowed in the contest rooms. We follow the procedure used in the World Finals: each team will bring its own "notebook" and nothing else. A notebook will have not more than 25 printed pages. (No handwriting is allowed.) In the World Finals, teams submit their notebooks in pdf format, and the organization prints them, after validation. At SWERC, teams bring their notebooks from home and hand them in at registration. The jury will then validate the handbooks and return them at the beginning of the contest, provided they are OK. If they are not, teams will be notified during the practice session.

[2006/10/04] Added a link to the registered teams roster

[2006/09/29] Information concerning our  computer environment is now available.

[2006/09/27] Help us advertising SWERC'2006! The A3 poster of SWERC'2006 is now available (pdf file, 6.41MB). You can also download aditional SWERC logos with multiple backgrounds (pdf file, 460KB) and a banner (pdf file, 166KB).

[2006/09/25] The hotel reservation form is back online. Please submit your hotel reservation request here.

[2006/09/25] Due to an upgrade in our web server machine, the hotel reservation form has been unstable since last Wednesday. No reservations were received since then. We are sorry for this inconvenience and will fix this problem ASAP.

[2006/09/24] Coaches can now register teams in the SWERC'2006. To do so, please go to the regional contest site, create a coach account (if you don't have one yet), select  "The 2006 Southwestern Europe Programming Contest", and then follow the instructions.   Before registering your contestants, please check the eligibility requirements for all of them. But note that you may register an "empty" team first, in order to reserve a place, and fill in the details of the contestants later, after you have selected them.

[2006/09/20] You can check the pre-registered teams here.

About SWERC'2006

SWERC'2006 is integrated in the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest. It draws students from colleges and universities throughout France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, western Austria, Germany (Baden-Wurttemberg, Bayern, Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Sachsen, Sachsen-Anhalt and Thuringen), Switzerland. The winner team will advance to the ACM Programming Contest World Finals, where it will compete with students selected in other regional contests, from all continents.

Final Results

The final results will be posted here after the event.

Problems Archive

It would not be much fun to post them here before the event, would it? :-)