Our Events

For the most up to date information on when meetings and events are happening, view our calendar!

Upcoming Events:

Doughnut Breakfast in the Spring!

A fundraising favorite at SECCM! You won't have to worry about making breakfast when SWE is bringing you fresh doughnuts!! Just roll out of bed and head to class - we'll be in the lobby selling a various amount, It's a great deal, too! Only $1 for a doughnut!   

SWE for Relay for Life!
On May 5, 2012, members of RWU's Society of Women Engineers will be taking part of the annual Relay for Life! The young women will be fundraising during the month of April for the American Cancer Society. If you would like to make a donation to the "SWE Team" please email any of the E-Board members!

Past Events:

WE10 National Conference - 11/04/10-11/06/10
This fall, we were lucky enough to send five girls on the conference. With the help of our school and our various fundraisers, we sent three e-board members, as well as a sophomore and junior, and we all gained so much from this experience. For more, read our news post or contact us!

GRRL Tech Interactive Technology Expo - Fall '10
Many teachers partnered with GRRL Tech in order to bring high school girls to RWU and teach them about engineering. SWE assisted these teachers, showing the girls that being a female engineer is both empowering and fun. We hope that our participation in this program will bring more girls into the engineering field, and hopefully to our SWE chapter at RWU!

Pancake Breakfasts
Our pancake breakfasts our great for a few reasons. Not only does the delicious smell of cooking pancakes permeate SECCM, but our club benefits from the excellent revenues which these breakfasts generate. We try our best to host two pancake breakfasts every semester as they are so well-received in our building.

Jewelry Making and Sale - Fall '10
Our club made jewelry out of resistors, capacitors and diodes. This event went well!! So many girls showed up and made beautiful earrings for us to sell during Homecoming weekend!! During Homecoming and Family Weekend at RWU, we sold our homemade jewelry to parents, students, faculty and staff. It was a successful fund raising opportunity.

Girl Scout Badge Workshops
Once a year we invite local elementary school girl scout troops to our school in order to teach them about engineering. Over the course of a day, they attend various mini-workshops at different stations. They interact with SWE girls and learn about engineering in the process! Both the girls and parents generally give us good feedback on this event, which makes this outreach program even more rewarding.