Meet the E-Board

Katrina Ferrebee

Hello Friends!! My name is KATRINA and I am a junior engineer major with a

custom specialization at Roger Williams University. I grew up in central Massachusetts, where my passion for math and nerds lead me into studying engineering! My other interests include natural foods, yoga, South Park, interacting with new people and ginger tea. Being a part of SWE has been a great experience. Our members are fantastic and I have made some wonderful connections through our club! I am very friendly and upbeat so PLEASE feel free to contact me at, if you have comments/concerns about the club. Or if you just want a new friend to talk to! Love you all! (But really I do)

Dani Schneider

Hey everyone! I'm Dani and I am currently a junior engineering major with a mechanical specialization and a mathematics minor at Roger Williams. I grew up in Queens, New York (I do have a little bit of an accent) but now my family and I live in a small town in Connecticut. My favorite subjects were always math and science, which of course is one of the big reasons why I decided to major in engineering. The thing I would absolutely love to do is travel, I hope to do so a lot more often in the future. My favorite place I have gone so far is Disney World (I've been there 10 times) and I know it's not very far away but I still love it. Along with traveling I hope to get an internship this summer and continue growing as an engineer. If you'd like to learn any more or have any questions feel free to e-mail me at

Vice President of Activities:
Angelica Perzan

Hello Hello! My name is Angelica and I am a mechanical engineering major with a math minor. I am from Kensington, CT however, my roots lie in Poland. My father is a mechanical engineer so I grew up around G-Code and reading micrometers for fun. Seeing how math and design can form so many various resources and tools was only 1 of the many reasons why I chose to pursue this future career. SWE has allowed me to not only make lasting friendships but also had opened many doors that will aid me in my quest of becoming a Mechanical Engineer. Some of my other interests include playing video games, being in the water as much as possible(when the weather allows it) , and  trying new things. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at!

Vice President of Fundraising:

Stephanie Norris

Hi there! I’m Stephanie and I’m a sophomore mechanical engineering major with a math minor here at Roger 

Williams. I’ve always been into math and science, even when I was little; it’s basically what made me want to become an engineer. I’m from Connecticut and, according to some people, say coffee funny because of it. Outside of engineering I love working out, food (lots of food!), traveling, and taking pictures. I would really like to take a cruise of the Mediterranean one day. Let’s see what else, well I’m an Aquarius, I have three adorable little dogs, and I have an awesome family. That’s about it for me but if you have any questions of just want to say “Hey!” feel free to email me at


Vanessa Camiolo

Hello there! I am currently a sophomore civil engineering major with a mathematics minor here at Roger Williams University! My hometown is in a Historic Bucks County town of Doylestown, which is a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. My interest in civil engineering started with my family vacation to the Golden Gate Bridge and ever since then I’ve been fascinated by the structure of bridges. Growing up I’ve always favored math and science topics over liberal studies so I was destined to follow in that path. My interests outside of engineering include; running, swimming, attending baseball games (Go Phillies!), and traveling, my two favorite places that I’ve visited are Japan and France. Also, while living in such a metropolitan area I am able to enjoy many culture events in NYC, Philly, and Washington D.C. I love being a part of SWE, it has opened many doors of opportunities for me and I have met so many other students with similar interests in engineering. It’s a great feeling mentoring the younger generation during SWE community events to open their eyes to this field!  Feel free to email me at J


Samantha Gildersleeve

Hi my name is Sam Gildersleeve. I’m a sophomore Environmental Engineering major and am Secretary of SWE. I’m from a small town in upstate New York and throughout all my years of schooling have always been considered a nerd. I love math and science and recently have loved learning more about what I can do to help improve our impact on the environment. I love being active, rock climbing, hiking, running and swimming. I’m also a lifeguard during my summers. I love to do thrilling activities; last summer I went skydiving and that was the most amazing experience, so next on my list is to go to South Africa to do the largest bungee jump in the world. I’m the oldest of four in my family and they’re among the quirkiest people I’ve ever been with but I couldn’t ask for anything better. Feel free to say “Hello!” around campus, I’ll always greet you with a smile and probably try to make you laugh. My email is Thanks! Hope to see you around!