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SWE National

What is SWE?
        "The Society of Women Engineers (SWE), founded in 1950, is a not-for-profit educational and service organization. SWE is the driving force that establishes engineering as a highly desirable career aspiration for women. SWE empowers women to suceed and advance in those aspirations and be recognized for their life-changing contributions and achievements as engineers and leaders." - From SWE.org.
        SWE's motto is "Aspire. Advance. Achieve." To see what SWE at RWU is doing to live up to this motto, see the Our Chapter section below!

What is the SWE National Conference?

        The SWE national conference is a way for employers and SWE chapters nationwide to connect and network. There are various workshops, sessions, and speakers who aim to empower all the women of SWE. It is an incredible experience for collegiate members to interact with members at other schools, as well as search for internships at the career fair. According to swe.org, "Throughout the conference participants will experience numerous career-shaping opportunities, as well as draw from the energy of SWE's strong past and promising future to launch innovation and define success." Most girls attend this conference with the hope of receiving job offers, but they gain so much more simply from attending the conference at all.

What region is SWE at RWU involved in?

        SWE at RWU is part of Region F in SWE National. A link to our region's website is available on our Links page. We meet with our region at the very least once a year at the SWE national conference, however, we maintain contact throughout the year and fill out section report forms in order to keep Region F updated on our growth and goals. We are part of the SWE-NESS (New England Shorline Section) subset of Region F, and our SWE contact is Kim Cipolla. Kim can be reached by emailing RWU@sweness.org

Our Chapter

How does SWE at RWU aim to "Aspire, Advance, Acheive"?
  • ASPIRE: At RWU, SWE is involved in many activities aiming to get young girls interested in engineering. One example of this is the Girl Scout Badge Workshop which we host every fall semester. This workshop for elementary school aged girls has them participate in various engineering-related activities in order to earn a Girl Scout Badge. The objective of this workshop is to teach young girls about engineering and to encourage them to pursue their goals in the engineering fields. The feedback from these girls and their parents is generally favorable every year.
  • ADVANCE: One of the main goals of our SWE chapter is to create networking opportunities for the females in the club. We hope that by introducing them and familiarizing them with upperclassmen, they will gain the tools they need to successfully move forward as engineering students, since they will now have contacts who can help them with their work and advancement. Also, we strive to bring at least five girls on the national conference. This leaves many girls unable to attend the conference. For this reason, we network in such a way that can benefit not only ourselves, but the girls who did not receive the opportunity of going on the conference.
  • ACHIEVE: Sending all active members on the conference is an important goal to us. We know that, due to budgeting, this goal may sometimes be unattainable. However, we make our best efforts to send the most active members on the conference at least once by the time they have reached their third year. We hope the conference will help them reach their goals of obtaining internship and job opportunities.

What activities does SWE do on campus?

        We have multiple pancake breakfasts in a semester in order to raise funds. We also host movie nights and plan to have more fun craft nights as a way to bond as a club. Currently, SWE is focusing on hosting club-centric activities in order to achieve our goal of sending more than four girls on the conference. We do hope to expand in the future to host campus-wide activities. If you have any ideas, feel free to contact us. For a more complete list, see our Events page under About SWE at RWU.

Why should I join SWE at RWU?

        SWE at RWU is a great opportunity for females involved in the engineering disciplines. Not only will you learn about being an engineering student and future career opportunities, but you will also create lifelong bonds and gain networking contacts. Many of the girls in SWE are great friends; we help each other with homework and hang out together on weekends. Important to note is that SWE is not a huge time commitment!! We usually meet every other week, and only for a half an hour at a time. Also, if we do not have any business to discuss, we will not hold an unnecessary meeting - we know how busy you are!