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George had come to classify his tapers as "Progressive" and "Parabolic".  He was not very fond of labels as some have connotations that are not too well deserved.  Some had felt that parabolic rods were difficult to cast, so George was reluctant to give that label to his special line of rods.  Time and experience of the angler with parabolic rods have proven that they are a delight to fish with and are anything but difficult, so George felt more comfortable about using that classification on his rods when creating his new website...a beautiful website created by Tom Chandler and which unfortunately has fallen the way of black hole in cyberspace and is un-retrievable.

Here are the words of George from that website that described his rod tapers:

Parabolic Rods

Paul Young's rods have a reputation for being difficult to cast, yet nothing could be further from the truth.  While I used his excellent tapers for inspiration, in most cases I've altered the tapers with light tips, a little extra wood through the mid section, and lighter butt sections.

This allows these rods to fish well in close(often a weakness of semi-parabolic rods) yet still carry a long line.

7' 3/4 wt Millenium Falcon
Named for the new century, this is a delightful little stick that excels in many different situations.  A best seller.

6'3" 4wt Headwaters
A derivative of the Paul young Midge, this was originally designed to fish small headwaters, but several of my customers nicknamed it the "Little Cannon" and fished it during Salmon Fly hatches and in Alaska for big rainbows and grayling.   A remarkable rod.

7'3" 4/5wt Eagle Creek
My personal favorite small stream rod.  At short ranges, a Wulff Long Belly 5wt line is ideal, and the 5 wt line bosses even larger flies and winds that give lighter rods fits.

7'6" 4wt Young Philosopher
An exceptionally smooth rod that-like its larger sibling-is influenced by Paul Young's Perfectionist taper (though which one?).  Young's Perfectionist is justifiably famous, and I feel this taper fishes better at most reasonable trout ranges.

7'6" 5wt Old Philosopher
Len Codella thinks this is my best taper-a 5wt variation of the 4 wt "Young Philosopher."

8' 4wt Queen of the Waters
A crisp caster with the reach and backbone to handle larger fish, this is the rod that Len Codella said was "the best 8' 4wt made."  Many people asked me for a longer version of the Perfectionist taper.  This is it.  Will fish anything.

The Rocky Mountain/Trout Bum tapers below are refined and combined variations of Paul Young's Para-14 and Para-15 tapers.  While Young's tapers were unique, mine tend to fish better at shorter ranges and provide a more relaxing, pleasant casting experience.  All feature a swelled butt for a unique experience in the semi-parabolic genre.

7'6" 5wt Henryville Special
Related to the rest of my Rocky Mountain/Trout Bum tapers, I like to think of this versatile rod as the "Little Trout Bum."

7'9" 5wt Rocky Mountain Light
While Young's Para-15 is more famous than the shorter Para14, many prefer the Para-14's more relaxed approach to fly fishing.  This is my interpretation of this exceptional taper, which will handle a wide range of flies and waters.

7'9" 6wt Rocky Mountain Special
this began life as a 5/6wt rod, but as my knowledge of tempering and heat treating bamboo grew, the rod stiffened a bit and became 6wts.  Many still prefer these tapers, though my "Light" rods(true 5 wts) are quickly gaining popularity.

8' 5wt Trout Bum Light
Named after a rarely read fishing book written by a bearded author, this is the lighter version of the original Trout Bum.  This is the rod that one caster said "was the most civilized version of Paul Young's semi-para's" he'd ever cast.  Light enough in the tip to fish at short range, yet stiff enough in the middle to offer the leverage to fish a distance.  A true all-rounder.

8' 6wt Trout Bum
The very first Trout Bum rod was shipped to John Gierach for testing, but was stolen en route.  It was immortalized in his essay "Lost Rod" and has been a best seller ever since.  A powerful, crisp rod for big flies, big fish and big waters.

8'3" 5wt Paradise Valley Special
A slightly longer version of the Trout Bum Light, this rod was designed with a little extra length-perfect for freestone streams or complex currents.  The beauty of this rod is that it feels like an 8' rod, but fishes like an 8'6" rod.

8'6" 5wt Snake River Special Light
The ideal big/water/drift boat rod.  Powerful enough to handle long casts and wind, this taper remains wholly pleasant to fish.

8'6" 6wt Snake River Special
A more powerful version of the above rod, this taper is perfect for big fish, stillwaters, stonefly hatches, Alaska, etc.  Surprising light considering its exceptional power.

8' 7wt Thunder Creek
Shorter rods whip bigger fish faster, and this rod's built specifically for big fish - bass, pike Alaska-sized-rainbows - even summer-run steelhead.

8'6" 8wt The Salmon Bum
Many people will tell you that you can't fish a  powerful bamboo rod all day long, but the Salmon Bum is proof that's simply not true.  Pushbutton power and a pleasant casting stroke.  Unique.

Progressive Rods
The product of a marriage between Payne and Granger tapers, these rods feature swelled butts.  They are smooth, compound tapers progress smoothly from butt to tip.  They are easy casting, pleasant rods that comfortably handle almost any trout fishing distance, from fishing at leader-only distance to 60'-70'.

7' 3wt Spring Creek
Delicate and crisp, this small fly/light tippet rod excels at fishing small brookie and cutthroat streams.  A bluegill is a blast on this rod.

7'6" 3wt Spring Creek
Similar to the above rod, with just a bit more reach.  Both Spring Creek rods evolved from a  Thomas and Thomas "Caenis" rod taper.

7' 4wt '48 Special
Named after the cane it was first built with...pre-embargo cane given to me by Walt Powell of Northern California's famous rod building family...
The first taper I designed myself!  The product of a marriage between a Payne 98 and a 7' Granger, this taper went through a quick half-dozen revisions.  It's accurate at short range, and a joy to fish out at any distance you'd care to fish a 7' bamboo rod.

Starlight Creek Rod Series
The Starlight Creek rods were favorites of Harry Middleton, a close friend who, several years before his death named me "The Official Rodmaker for the Starlight Creek Angling Society." I build every one of these tapers in his memory.

7'6" 4wt Starlight Creek Special
While it bears a resemblance to a Payne 198, this rod is an improvement on that wonderfully powerful taper.

7'6" 5wt Starlight Creek "Albert's Delight"
Same as above, but for a DT5 line.

8' 5wt Starlight Creek "Harry's Rod"
This rod handles the widest possible range of streams, rivers, conditions, fish, and flies.  A blend of the exceptional Payne and Granger 8' tapers and a joy to fish.

8'6" 5wt Starlight Creek "Elias Wonder 'Wampas Rod'"
Harry called Elias Wonder's 8'5" rod the "Wampas Rod."

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