Parent Information

Your son or daughter has joined the 2013 Sweetwater Track and Field Team. We are extremely pleased each of these student-athletes are with us this year.

Track and Field is the second largest participation sport for high school girls and the third largest for boys in the United States.  

This guide has been prepared for you, the parent of the track team member.  

What is Track & Field? Find out here.


Attendance at all practices is mandatory.

Practices are held Monday through Saturday.

Excused absences are acceptable only after a coach is notified by the athlete, prior to the practice or competition.

At a coach's discretion, an athlete must officially participate in ten practices prior to competing in his or her first race.

Excessive, unexcused absences can result in suspension from the next team competition and/or expulsion from the team. (Two or more unexcused absences in a six-day practice period.)


Most importantly the athlete must finish the season in good standing with the program, school and coaches.

The two ways to earn a varsity letter

1 Attend 80 percent of the schedule practices.


A. Score Six (6) or more points in League Dual Meet competition at the varsity level

B.  Represent the Sweetwater Varsity team in either the Metro League Championships or the San Diego CIF Champions.

2. Attend and participate in 95 percent of all practices. This shows responsibility and commitment to the team.



The times plublished on the team schedule are the starting times of the first race or event of the day.  As a result bus schedules are established that have athletes arriving at the race site at least one hour before the first race for any Sweetwater team member. This allows for proper warm-up for all team members. The time an athlete needs to be prepared to board the bus is announced at practices one or two days prior to the meet.  Unless extenuating circumstances prohibit an athlete from doing so, all team members must ride the bus to competitions. To do otherwise, provisions must be made with the head coach in advance. After races all athletes must return on the team bus unless the athlete's parents are at the meet and wish to have their son or daughter return with them.  

Athletes are not excused to leave the meet site on their own at any time. Before a parent can pick their son or daughter a team coach must determine that they are indeed finished for the day and meet the parent before the athlete is allowed to leave.

Abiding by these guidlines will help to ensure the safety and security of all athletes and gives coaches the confidence of knowing where their athletes are at all times.