::About this site::

Red wines are known for their health benefits - but they are also generally known to be very dry, tannic, and have a non-sweet flavor. I personally have a sweet tooth, and was new to wine. Thus, I decided to seek out sweet red wines that I could choke down with my cooking.

After I asked for sweet red wines that were not dessert wines at a few wine shops around town, I was always met with condescending attitudes, and snobbery. I felt as if I was living in the days of King Arthur and I had just offended someone, and the responses made me feel as if I was just pelted with rotten fruit and, consequently ran me out of the village, err… I mean store.

Fate stepped in; I was on a bad date, at the Olive Garden and was introduced to a sweet red wine called Riunite Lambrusco, it made the girl seem way less high maintenance, and went well with my meal. I realized then and there, that sweet red wines did exist, and I did not have to resort to dessert wines such as Port, which go horribly with meals.

My quest for sweet red wines was back on, and this web site is my debt to society. Here you will find the largest and most comprehensive list of sweet red wines, along with reviews, and where you can purchase online. Checkout the wine list and try these suggestions, find out what YOU like and don't like, and build your own list of favorites. In the end, it is your palate we're talking about, and whatever you enjoy drinking, that's what is perfect for you!

If you have a sweet red wine suggestion, or just want to give me a pat on the back, please feel free to do so.