In the past I did the typical holiday cards that you buy at your local retailers.  This year I wanted to change that and have our holiday card stand out from the rest.  So I was researching some websites and found a card I loved.  The only problem was the high price and for the amount of cards we send it would be too expensive.  So I contacted Sweet Print Cards and they were able to design my perfect card with all the adjustments I wanted for one low price.  Now I am able to print as many as I need for half the cost.  I would suggest this to everyone for any type of photo card.  Thanks again, and I will be using them again in the future!   

--Jackie Langanki

How can I thank you enough for getting these cards to me in such a short amount of time?  I placed my order on Friday evening, and you were able to design, print and ship these to my home by Monday afternoon...just in time for the holiday!  What a smooth transaction...we will be seeing you again!

--Ellen Rosen


The process of choosing our son's birth announcements was smooth and easy at Sweet Print Cards.  I was able to change and customize ours easily... via e-mail.   Stacey was awesome to work with and made great suggestions for improvments on our design.  I absolutely love it!
-- Robyn Felix

Thank you for the beautiful work you did on my daughter in law's baby shower invitations.  They looked so classy and the quality of color was amazing!  People could not say enough about them!  I am sure you will be hearing from our friends and family in the future!

--Ellen Richards, AZ


The invitations came out great! Just what we were looking for. We loved the concept of being able to get the invitation emailed to us and printed that very same day! No shipping costs makes your site a great value! Thank you for all your dedication and creativity.  We will definitely be using your site again in the near future and have passed it along to all of our friends and family!
--Kim T, Boca Raton, Florida


The Invitations came out great!  I love the wording you chose and I appreciate you getting it done so quickly for us!

-- Patricia G., Monroe, LA

This is a much nicer invitation than a store bought one!  Thanks for your time and patience with the design!  They came out superb!

Annie K., Deer Park, NY


We loved our invitations to our daughter's second birthday party. The creative wording was a great addition to the adorable design! Thank you for getting us the file so quickly! We were able to get them printed and picked up the same day!

---Randi J. , Coral Springs, FL

I LOVE it! I agree with you, we are definitely going with Circus Invite Marissa 2. It is Perfect! I want to thank you for all your work, I am sure I am going to get lots of compliments on the invite and I will not hesitate to tell them about Sweet Print Cards. Please forward me your payment info.
---Yvette, Cypress, CA

Such adorable invitations! My friends could not stop talking about them!

---Meg L. , Buffalo, NY

My daughter loved her birthday invitations! They went so well with her party's theme! We were pleased with how prompt your shipping was! Thank you!

---Annie R., Miami, FL

We loved our Baby Announcements! Not only were they beautiful, but very affordable! We were able to print them at our local Wal-Mart Store and pick them up the same day! We'll see you for her FIRST BIRTHDAY invitations! Thanks so much!

--Luci M., Lawton, OK

These invitations came out so much better than we could have imagined! A must for any SHREK fan!

Patricia A., Louisville, KY


What can we say, but thank you for the stunning birth announcements of our twins! You did such an amazing job incorporating both my son and daughter into the layout! Our pediatrician's office asked for your business card so that they can share your work with other new parents.

---D.P. , Long Island, NY