Sweet Pea Nursery Reborns 

Beautiful reborn doll's and Berenguer doll's for play or reborning!

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It's a soft vinyl doll, like the popular Berenguer doll's, that's been taken apart, given hair, eyelashes, coloring, a baby manicure, eyebrows and new eyes, then reassembled with a new, soft, doe suede body. The doll becomes a beautiful doll that's almost lifelike, can be posed, wears actual baby clothes and may even become a family heirloom. With tender loving care, these doll's will last for years and years, probably generation after generation. No one knows for sure because Reborning is relatively new. But from my own doll's, I know I take great care in putting them together, adding their hair/eyelashes/eyes and I only use high quality products, so with care, I don't know why these vinyl baby's wouldn't last and last!

Many people, most people actually, feel these reborns are only for adults.. I don't agree.. I think if you have a very responsible young lady who knows how to take care of her things, she would love and benefit from a reborn doll... They do require tender loving care and should never be treated roughly, so rough and tough young lady's should not be allowed to have one for play. But a mature young lady who is caring and careful with a real baby, could definatly enjoy carefully and tenderly caring for her reborn baby, and perhaps handing the baby down to her own chlildren.

Reborn artist's have a number of ways to reborn a doll.. Some use acrylic paints, some use Genisis heat set paints, some paint inside the head, some don't... Some root the hair, some use wigs, some do both! Reborning a doll is truly an art form and left up to the hands of the artist creating a new, unique baby doll.

I did a lot of research on Reborns, bought many tutorials, read many articles and tried different techniques before I decided on my own method.

I dip my doll's in a dye "bath" to add a hint of true skin tone to the vinyl.. I use Rit Dye, which is non toxic and recommended for vinyl. I blush the baby in all the right spots with stencil cream acrylics which add a very realistic look to my baby's... The stencil creams soak into the vinyl and become a permanet color. I use special artist pencils here and there to create a very realistic look to the baby's face, hands and feet and draw in realistic eyebrows. I chose this method because it's non toxic, not only to me, the artist, but to you, the customer. I use "real eyes", made by Secrist, an American company located right here in Michigan and I use high quality eyelashes intended for reborn doll's. I've rooted hair on most of the doll's, but also occassionally use high quality wigs. I use very soft, high quality doe suede in a beautiful skin tone for the body (which I make myself) and add the limbs with joints that allow the arms and legs to be moved and posed...

All of this takes quite a bit of time to complete, but the results are beautiful.

Creating a reborn doll is truly a labor of love!

Let me explain one of the reason's I decided against using paints as a base coat for my doll's.. I'm not trying to suggest no one should use these methods, as they create absolutely beautiful doll's.. But for me, I'm trying to remove the toxins from our lives.. From what I've been told, the heat set paints used for reborn's are very smelly when being "baked" and create fumes in the artist's home. I didn't want that for me, my husband, our pets or my customers... We live in a very toxic world right now and I think the less toxins, the better!

I did a couple of baby's with a non toxic acrylic "gouche" base, which gave very nice results and I feel is safe for everyone.. However, I also tried using no base other than the dye "bath", which I feel is just as beautiful, so that's the technique I've settled on because I think it's probably the absolutely safest method to use and there will never be a chance of paint flaking off years down the road..

So, are you ready to see what Sweet Pea Nursery Reborn's look like? Use the links to the side or return to Sweet Pea Nursery Reborn's home page to see each baby I've created...

If you're a reborn artist or want to become one, I also sell Berenguer doll's ready for you to take apart and have fun! Visit the Berenguer doll page to see the doll's I have available.