StoneGable Iced Tea


1 gallon good cold water (We have good well water. If your water has a funny taste, so will your iced tea. Opt for a jug of bottled water)
6-8 tea bags of good black tea
2 tea bags of herbal fruit tea (raspberry, red zinger, peach are some favorites)
1/2 container of Crystal Light Lemonade for 1 pitcher
1/4 cup Splenda

Pour water into a large pitcher. Add tea bags. Let steep on the counter for 3-6 hours or out in the sun for 2-3 hours. It really depends on how strong you like your tea, and what tea bags you use.
Squeeze the teabags and remove.
Add Crystal Light and Splenda. We are figure friendly. Stir!

Add lemon, mint or fruit for added flavor.
One can also make ice cubes with the iced tea add some fruit to your ice cubes too...see Yvonne's web link above for pictures!