Plum Cushion Pastry

Adapted slightly from Tea Time Sept/Oct 2008

8 red plums
7 oz brie cheese
1 1/2 (15 oz) packages prepared pie dough
1/2 cup brown sugar
2 T butter
3 T heavy cream
1/8 tsp salt
8 T finely chopped pecans

(see below for hints and quick substitutions, if interested)

Preheat oven to 350 and line baking sheet w/ parchment paper and set aside

Using parking knife, remove the pits from the plums being careful not to cut through the bottom.

Mix finely chopped pecans into brie until well mixed

Using 3/4 inch round cookie cutter, cut brie into 8 rounds

Place 1 brie round into the opening of each plum.

Place prepared pie dough on a clean floured surface.  Cut dough into 1/2 inch wide strips.

Working with one plum at a time, wrap one strip of dough around the plum from top to bottom, trimming ends as necessary.

Wrap a second strip of dough perpendicular to the first.

Repeat with two additional strips, fully covering the plum.

Roll dime sized piece of dough into a ball, press it to the top of the plum, if desired or you can use a mini cookie cutter in desired shape (seasonal if you wish) to do the same to finish look.

Place on baking sheet, and bake for 20-25 minutes (oven temps vary) or until plum is soft and crust is golden.

**while plum cushion is baking** - place brown sugar, butter, cream and salt into saucepan, and bring to boil. Cook stirring constantly, for 6 minutes or until sugar is dissolved.
HINT: you can use store bought caramel sauce as well as a substitute and just heat in microwave!

Pour sauce over each plum cushion and serve warm!

Serve in teacup if desired :)