Twenty nine of my rats were destroyed during what I call "the Seoul virus nightmare". The experience was unbelievably painful and I felt that I would never want to breed again. But there are good people out there who need good breeders to go to for healthy, quality, pet rats. I enjoy being one of those breeders and making people happy. I am also determined that those who destroyed my rats, and my life for a while, not "win".

I would like to assure all would-be adopters that my current breeding rats have all been tested TWICE NEGATIVE for the Seoul virus. (As will *any* rat used in any future breeding.)*** Veterinary documentation of my rats' Seoul-negative status will be provided to anyone upon request.

At this time the "Sweet Rats"/breeding animals consist of eight rats here now(who were saved from the mass euthanasia carried out), and a handful of others(all bred by me) belonging to good friend Janay Padron. ***Janay will be raising some litters for Sweet Genes as she is dedicated to helping me rebuild my rattery.

Check out our Availability page to see our upcoming litter plans and current litters!

***As always, "Only the sweetest pet rats come from Sweet Genes"!

Debbie Fratini