The Sweet Return Story

Twenty nine of my rats were destroyed in 2017, during what I call "the Seoul virus nightmare". The experience was unbelievably painful and I felt that I would never want to breed again. But there are good people out there who need good breeders to go to for healthy, quality, pet rats. I enjoy being one of those breeders and making people happy. I am also determined that those who destroyed my rats, and my life for a while, not "win".

I am breeding again but working with fewer animals and having fewer litters. People wishing to be added to my waiting list must be willing to wait!

Since 2000 I have worked to breed "sweet rats", rats that are friendly, gentle, and love their people. Only rats who meet my high standards in temperament, health, and type, are used for breeding. I am currently breeding both standards and dumbos, in black, agouti, Russian blue, and black-eyed Siamese. 


***As always, "Only the sweetest pet rats come from Sweet Genes"!