♥ Mode Of Payment ♥

Mode of Payment

We only accept payment to Maybank account at this moment.  You can pay by using either Online Banking, ATM Transfer, Cash Deposit Terminals or Over The Counter Direct Bank-in at your convenience. 

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Account No.

Please notified us by sending an e-mail stated your transaction date, time, bank details, amount and transaction code after you have made the payment .  Please keep your transaction record for future references.



 届时我方只接受汇款到Maybank . 您可以以网上Maybank2u汇款,ATM交付或银行存入现款的方式交易.



請匯款後,記得立即e-mail至 sweetcandy.mint@gmail.com,告訴我們你的付款日期,時間,銀行明細,金額及交易證明號碼,同時你也要保存你的付款資料,方便大家查詢和處理.