Szpilka's past may haunt him as bout with Jennings now in doubt

January 12, 2014 - Gary Shaw Productions, Antonio Leonard Promotions and Team Bryant Jennings are all hoping Artur Szpilka can resolve his visa problems as it was reported that the polish fighter was deported back to his native land after he was stopped by the Department of Homeland Security at O'Hare International Airport.  Bryant Jennings is scheduled to face Artur Szpilka on HBO January 25th.

Editor's Note: After being arrested for his role in a brawl at an Oct. 2009 weigh-in, for a bout that never materialized against Wojciech Bartnik, Szpilka was sentenced to 18 months in prison. Ironically the incident was soccer related. Nonetheless Szpilka will forever remain an ex-con and traveling to different countries, especially one with "security" as sensitive as that of the United States, will always be problematic.


"Team Jennings along with myself and Antonio Leonard are well aware of the visa problems Szpilka is having at the moment," said Gary Shaw. "We are monitoring the situation very closely with Warriors Boxing Promoter Leon Margolis and hope this problem can get resolved very fast.  This is a great fight between two undefeated ranked heavyweights and it would be disappointing if they are not able to fight.  We are working endlessly to get Artur's proper documents approved so they can meet January 25th on HBO."