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Benefits of being a member

The most important benefit of being a member in the initiative is information exhcange, networking opportunities and the possibility to influence. The initiative has newsletters, forums and a wiki page (under construction) where members can exchange information.

Members are invited to take active part in the activities of the initiative.

A general assembly for all members will be held at least once yearly. This will take place in conjunction with the Multicore days each year, and possible together with other initiative events.

One activity of the initiative is the roadmap document which is a state-of-the-art description of the multicore technology and the activities of each member, who wants to participate. This report will be published yearly.


Members are supposed to actively contribute to the objectives of the initiative. We do not accept purely passive members. The steering committe will yearly review the activity during the past year.


It is as simple as sending an email to and stating your interest in becoming a member and how you can help with the objectives of the initiative. There is currently no fee to become a member.