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Academic members

  • Bertil Svensson (contact person)

Chalmers Multicore Initiative (Chalmers)

  • Per Stenström (contact person)
  • Philipas Tsigas
Experimental Multicore Performance (EMCP) group (University West)
  • Stefan Christiernin (contact person)
  • Andreas de Blanche
  • Mats Brorsson (contact person)
  • Tiberiu Covaci
  • Karl-Filip Faxén
  • Erik Hagersten
  • Sverker Janson
  • Erwin Laure (contact person)

Communication and Computer Systems Research Laboratory (CCS-Lab) (Blekinge Institute of Technology)

  • Håkan Grahn (contact person)

Programming environments laboratory (Linköping university)

  • Christoph Kessler (contact person)
  • Dake Liu

Programming languages group (Mälardalen university)

  • Björn Lisper (contact person)
  • Bengt Jonsson (contact person)
  • Erik Hagersten

Industrial members


  • Jan Höglund (contact person)
  • Jens Axelsson

Ericsson SW Research

  • Andras Vajda (contact person)
  • Anders Caspár

Huawei Sweden R&D Center

  • David (Renchao) Niu (contact person)

National Instruments

  • Aku Wilenius (contact person)

Saab group

  • Kurt Lind (contact person)
  • Joel Huselius
  • Anders Josefsson
  • Erik Wedin
  • Jacob Carlström (contact person) 
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