The Swedish Multicore Initiative has a number of activities to meet its objectives:

  • Dissemination of research results and best practices:
    • Multicore day: A state-of-the-art annual seminar for industry and academia highlighting technology advances, research results and hands-on solutions to current problems. It will be held in September yearly.
    • Swedish Multicore Workshop: An annual workshop for academia and industry to present and discuss recent research results. The first workshop will be organized by Blekinge Institute of Technology in November 2008.
    • Best practices workshop: An annual workshop for industry and academia to present and discuss best practices in multicore software development. First BP workshop will be arranged in February 2009.
  • Research and educational program to set the agenda for research and educational efforts in multi/many-core technology from a Swedish perspective. Working groups will be formed to initially focus on
    • A technology roadmap from a Swedish industrial perspective
    • Curriculum development
    • Coordination and marketing of Swedish multicore competence
  • Collaborative research  between academic and industrial groups