Swedish multicore initiative

The Swedish Multicore Initiative is a concerted effort between Swedish software-intensive industry and academia addressing multicore challenges and opportunities.

All software development needs to be done for explicitly parallel computers in order to be future-proof. The reason for this is the industry-wide transition to multicore processors as the only way to increase performance in future processors. This presents tremendeous opportunities for performance improvement, but also tremendeous challenges in software development methodologies.

The Swedish Multicore Initiative is a national effort to coordinate the activities in this area for the benefit of the Swedish software-intensive systems industry.

Below are related documents to the intitiative activities:
  • A flyer describing the initiative, and
  • A technology status report and RoadMap for the coming year. All members are welcome to contribute. It will be updated each september after Multicore days.

Multicore Day 2010

Multicore day 2010 is rapidly approaching. Read more about it and register here.

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