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Have you set your running goals for 2017? Perhaps you are planning to run your first full or half marathon, achieve a personal best time or maybe your goal is to take your first steps as a runner!

Whatever your goal is, you need to keep yourself motivated and the best way to do that is to find a running partner or a group . You will help each other stay focused on your goals and help each other when times get tough!

Having trouble getting started? Read Tammy's inspirational story Someday Intervention. Tammy always wanted to be a runner and needed just "a little push" from a supportive group of runners to get her there!

Make today your "Someday"!

Cool Weather Running

Let me first start off by saying “I hate winter!” I am quite certain I was meant to live in a warmer climate. Having said that, I do love to run in cooler weather way more than heat! When the temperature starts to drop and the snow flies you don’t need to hang up your sneakers. If you have any plans to run a spring marathon or maybe a winter marathon somewhere warm, then you eventually have to brave the cold to get some training runs in or endure seemingly endless hours on the “dreadmill” !

Here are a few tips to help you enjoy some winter running:

  • Don't overdress - you won;t need to wear as much as you think you might. Dress in thin layers and not too many. You should feel a little cold when you start out - you will warm up quickly
  • Protect your extremeties - cover your ears and wear gloves or mitts. Wear a buff that you can pull up over your face and nose if needed.
  • Hydrate! Don’t think that just because it is cold you don’t need to hydrate. Ice cold water might be the last thing you want when the temps are low, but just be sure not to skip the water completely. Be smart and be healthy.
  • Watch for icy patches ! Be extra cautious if conditions are slippery and stay safe !
  • Don't expect to be fast ! Winter running is more about maintenance miles than speedwork.
  • Get out and enjoy winter running while you can - soon we'll be complaining that it's too hot to run :-)

For more tips, check out the Tips from Queen Bee section and stay safe this winter!

Running Injuries
One of the hardest things I find about running is not running! When injuries stop me in my tracks it is more stressful emotionally than physically for sure! Long distance running puts alot of stress on your body and so it's understandable that you are at more risk of injury as a result. Most runners know how to recover from injury but many do not spend enough focus on injury prevention. Natalie Randall of Cove Sport Therapy offers this tip:
Recent studies have shown that people with chronic knee pain reported a significant reduction in pain after only 2 weeks of doing basic tubing hip abduction exercises. To keep up to date on all the current research in running and injury prevention visit this site:

The Wall
At some point most runners encounter it, whether it be on their long run during training or in the middle of a race! It’s that point in your run where your legs feel like lead weights and you can’t imagine how you will ever make it to the end .  You can probably relate to Tammy’s story “Nobody Important!”


In order to get over that wall . you have to overpower your brain  because 80% of that “wall” is all in your head! As you start to fatigue, your brain starts to send negative thoughts and tries to convince you to quit – it’s evil like that!


Here’s a few tricks!

·  If you run with music, position your absolute most favourite, energizing songs that conjure up positive memories, towards the end of your play list

· Develop a positive mantra and start repeating it in your head or say it out loud over and over again to drown out that evil voice “I can do this I am strong”

· Take your mind off the run – think about the celebration after the race, or relaxing on a beach or anything but running!

· Think about the distance you have left to cover and then imagine that you are back in training and doing only that distance. For example if you have 10K left in a full marathon (the wall likes to make an appearance about then ) pretend that you are just starting out for a 10K run . Visualize where you’d be on your favourite training run and pretend you are back there.

· If you always seem to hit the wall at the same time or distance, try in training to go beyond that point so that you build the confidence to push down that wall.


During our training runs with the Sweaty Girls we often will have a short “sprint to the end” race at the very end of the run to teach us to work hard when we are the most tired!


Bring it on Wall - we're ready for you! 

"Running is 80% mental and 20% physical. That means it's all in your head when it hurts and you are tired! :-) "
-Queen Bee-
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