Sweater Vestival

Annual celebration of solidarity and sartorial splendor expressed through the collective wearing of sweater vests.

Vestival is celebrated on the second Friday after Thanksgiving every year.

Vestival 2015 is December 4!

Note about Sweater Vestival 2015

On Friday, Dec. 4, the world will be celebrating Vestival, the annual celebration of solidarity, superiority, and sartorial splendor that is expressed through the collective wearing of sweater vests.
This year marks the seventh annual Festival of Sweater Vests (http://sweatervestival.com or shortened at http://j.mp/vstvl), a much-needed opportunity to inject some levity into our workplaces/schools/world. Perhaps never before has there been a better time to come together and wear vests in a show of unity.
For those of you who are uninitiated in this grand tradition, here are the rules:
The sweater vestival is a day of sweater vests. We accept wool, mohair, cashmere, acrylic, rayon, orlon, cotton, and  other sweater-like materials. Fleece, Goretex and other space-age materials that wick away moisture and come with lots of little pockets, pull-strings and "features" do not count as sweater vests -- even if they have no sleeves and are otherwise vest-like. We discriminate against non-sweater vests and those who do not participate will be ostracized! You will be forced to stand in the vestibule!
People with extra vests are encouraged to bring them to work place and share. The vest-wearers will become the vest-bearers! Vest naysayers, open your minds to the simple pleasure of the sleeveless garment. The joy of eating V-shaped cookies or biting the head off a vested gingerbread man while wearing a vest is not to be underestimated. Organize an event in your workplace or school, and share your experience with us through flickr, twitter (#vestival) or facebook.
For a handy FAQ, visit the Boston.com IDEAS section article : Want to delight friends, co-workers, and complete strangers? A new holiday, Vestival, beckons.
This is both not a joke, and also funny.
There is ample time to get a vest. So don't get fleeced. Dig out those sweater vests. Feel the tingle! We'll see you... FRIDAY December 4!!

Future dates:
2015: Dec 4
2016: Dec 2
2017: Dec 1