History of Omni Creations

    Omni Creations was founded July 12, 2007 at 35 South Washington St. in which the ArtPeace program is held. 
ArtPeace is a youth employment program that educates young adults in the community on how to become young entrepreneurs. 
These skills are taught through various types of art such as music, digital, visual, arts, film, literary and dance. 
The Omni Creations comes from the Latin word omni meaning all; everything. This word was chosen to represent the many different types of dance we do. 
Our dancers come from Monroe county and are all from 14-19 years old. 
The company consists of Shineice Brown, Ravon Hall, Sarina James, Lacey Brown, Veronica Rivera, Sikiou Andrews, Ebene Williams, Romia Pratt, Beasia Johnson, Jasmine King, Deen'e Levert, JaVadnee 
 Walker, Jonita Council, Quenisha Hazzard.