Wizardess Heart

One day, a special letter was sent to me.  It was the Acceptance Letter from Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, the most prestigious magic academy among all kingdoms.

It was like a dream come true for me since I was sending applications to the academy for so long!  When I've got to the academy with full of anticipation in my heart, I was just thinking about the academic life would be the most delightful.

But then, I soon found out the astonishing truth.  The Acceptance Letter that I've got was just a 'provisional' one after all...

There was teh ceremony called the Judgement to evaluate and determine if the provisional students were suitable to enter the academy.  The Judgment would be performed by the magical tool called the Scale of Judgement on the 13th day, or the last day of their trial period... (Geez!  Someone should have explained it to me at the very beginning!)

Now, I've got to prepare for the trial before the Judgement.  To get ready to pass the trial, I need the assistance of my Buddy, a partner of the academy.  My fate to become an official student lies in the hand of my Buddy's, but I just wonder who would it be?

Now, open the door!  Find out the mystery behind Gedonelune Royal Magic Academy, and start a magical romance with him, your everlasting true love!


Answers where choices affect the story will be in orange.  Answers with no effect will not change.

The Tower of Sorrow
Mystery Series

Ever since the first day, I've been hearing an unfamiliar song every night while the other students don't.  Realizing the special hearing ability, it began to attract the person who wants to take advantage of it.  I start getting close to the mystery of Tower of Sorrow as well as the untold stories of the boys...

Who will you choose to protect, yourself or him?

Elias Goldstein
Luca Orlem
Yukiya Reizen

The Spring of Unicorns'
Mystery Series

One day, a trace of the dark magic is found, which is strictly forbidden in Gedonelune.  Who is the one associated with this practice?!  Seemingly, the legendary dignified magical creature, unicorn, is deeply involved.

Joy, hope, sorrow - all those mixed feelings are complexly intertwined in these stories.

Klaus Goldstein
Randy March
Azusa Kuze

The King of Fairies'
Mystery Series

Forest's death means the end of the Gedonelune.  The abnormal incident occurs which result in sending most of the students home.  I choose to stay but what is really happening?!  He is going to fight against the darkness alone... I need to help him!  I'd rather choose to fight and save the academy with him than doing nothing!

Joel Crawford
Vincent Knight

The Princess of Crystal's
Mystery Series

Awaiting description

Cerim Leiado
Guy Brighton