Scarlet Fate II

Song of Spring: This is the sequel to "Scarlet Fate".  Blooming in the warmth of spring, the heroine and each of her five comrades, men who fought to free her from her fate, can now be couples in these individual stories.  Enjoy the days filled with happiness and love which finally come after overcoming the harsh winter season!

Summer Festival: In Kifu village, the heroine and her five comrades decide to carry out the Summer Festival.  With other special guests joining in the festival, they make uproar, fighting over her, creating a lively summer night scene.  It is a story full of passion and humor, and a player will find "him" even more attractive in a Yukata, summer kimono.

Autumn Harvest: A collection of short stories about daily life of the heroine and her comrades.  There are five themes: "Sleeping Together", "Meal Together", "Squabble", "Holiday Afternoon" and "Secret Meeting", each having two versions: "Lovers" and "Princess & Knight".  The player will see unexpected sides of them and will have a chance to get special photos.

Winter Snowflakes: Untold stories of "Scarlet Fate - Fragments of the past".  Akifusa's best friend Tomonori and Gentoka's sworn friend Aterui are now main characters.  Tormented in their position, they waver, yet fight for the heroine to be released from their fate.  Reading these hidden stories will help the player understand the world of "Scarlet Fate" even deeper.

Guides coming soon!