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"With this... I can always carry on winning for your sake."

The leader of the Knights of the Round Table, a man called the Strongest of Knights.  He looks aloof at first glance, yet is calm and thoughtful.  He is there to support the heroine when she gets a bumpy start to her life at the castle.  He keeps his left arm bandaged, but it doesn't seem to be due to any wound.  He wouldn't let anyone see beneath the bandages.

Strongest and Kind

You are the one who the leader of the Round Table fell in love with.  Discover true love with the Strongest of Knights!

Chapter 1: The Knights of the Round Table


Not really...
I want to go back to my room


Is it okay to talk to them?
I don't think they look kindly on me...

What kind of books do you usually read?
What kind of food do you like?

I'm going to do that now
I already talked to them

Chapter 2: As King


Did he say anything else?
No he isn't!

That's not true
Oh, all right


We'd better not. It's dangerous
Sure, let's go check it out

That's an order as king
I'm asking this of you as a girl

I have
... Never heard of them

But I'd rather go alone
Please do

It makes me feel pressured
It makes me afraid


Spare her
Strike her down

There's someone I find dashing
I don't have time for that

The castle town
The forest
Wherever you want

I am not a daddy's girl!
Maybe you're right

Yes, I was playing
It's none of your business


Chapter 3: The Kingdom

No, I'm glad you brought it up
I am a bit worried...

Yes. You can call me by that name
I want you to call me Your Majesty

Yes, I do
No, not really

Going to the library to study
Surveying my kingdom

Not at all
I've already made plans with Gawain

Why don't you want to rely on him?
Yes, it's not good to rely on anything too much

We can't do something so rude
You shouldn't say that without evidence

I'm not interested
I am interested

Call to Tristan
Let him go

Yes, I do
I wouldn't do that

Let's stop
Let's eat at the castle

Because I was really happy
Because you fulfilled your duty

I don't think I can
I'll do my best


Chapter 4: First Campaign


Yes, I do
I'm still nervous


I will go into battle
I will await your return here

Save myself
Save Merlin


I'm not sure


Chapter 5: Peaceful Days - Lancelot -

I'll go with you
I won't go

Say something
Go back to my room

Just try talking. We can take as long as you need
Let's talk about it some other day


I don't need to know
I would like to know

Chapter 6: The Confidence That Leads to Victory

You seem very confident
I think you'll win, too

I was shy
I was afraid they'd think I was unladylike

The castle hall
The castle plaza

Yes, that would be difficult
But what if they attack us?


Because I trust you the most
Because we both use longswords

I want to know
I don't really care

I don't think that's any concern of yours
It is part of my job to have a grasp of the Knights

Encourage me
Stop me

You're not too busy?
You are. Thank you

Chapter 7: The Strongest Vs. the Maddest


Do you know Nimue well?
She certainly is mysterious

Reveal myself to the maids
Run away


How can you trust me so much?
I have faith in you too

We sent out soldiers
I have no idea

I think we should attack first
I'm opposed

I still can't let you

Go after Lucius
Focus on defending the fort


Tell him 'May I join you?'
Tell him 'See you later'


I'll be able to trust you more
Nothing, really


Chapter 8: The Sigil's Weight

I don't know
I think Lancelot will win

Whose victory is assured?
I don't think matches are so set in stone

I don't know
Because she did not produce an heir?

About what you were saying before...
You loved Lord Uther, didn't you?

Why do you hide it?
Say nothing and treat his wound

Why don't you ask Lady Guinevere?
Okay, I'll make you one

Chapter 9: The Two Sigils