My Sweet Prince

I received my first bonus as a working adult.  So I'm off on an overseas trip!  As soon as I set foot on a different land, a man stole my luggage.

"You gotta be kidding me!"

I ran after him - but couldn't catch up, and when I gave up, Cling!  The man dropped something.  I picked it up.  It turned out to be a wonderful bracelet, filled with jewels.

"This is worth much more than my luggage!"

I knew no one in this strange country, so I went to the police.  Submitted the damage report.  Oh, and there was the bracelet.  As soon as I showed it to the policeman - I was immediately taken to the king!  And you'll never believe, what the king told me then.

"The one who holds this bracelet will be the king of this country.  Are you ready to become king?"

Of course, I respectfully declined.  Then he told me:

"Then it shall be your task to choose our next monarch."

(I have to choose the king now!?)

6 completely different men appeared in front of me.

(Wow... they're all so shining and handsome)

"These are my sons.  I demand you to hand the bracelet to whomever you deem most worthy."

Some princes treated me kindly, others were more aggressive.  My heart was fluttering like crazy.  How am I supposed to choose a king from all these princes!?

Having Tea With the Maids

What will you have today?  What?  You want to know if these princes are all really brothers?  Of course, they are all bound by blood.  However...  Each of them has a different mother.  His Royal Highness Tamir owns a harem with the most beautiful women from around the world.  If you perceive a difference between the princes, it is most likely the influence of their mothers.  Now, let us have tea.  Do not fret!  I am sure you will get along with the princes just fine.


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