Magic Sword

Theodore is a country surrounded by magnificent mountains and blessed with beautiful nature.  It's a place where I was born.  I have a special role, which is to look after the sword Excalibur.  The sword served more as a weapon of self-defense.  The Excalibur have been around for decades, passed down from generations to generations until it was stolen... by King Arthur.  I need to get back the stolen sword.  In desperate needs for a stronger forces.  There come the swordsman Ethan, Ray the magician and Elf's handsome Estel.  Four of us set out on an adventure journey to get the sword back.  What will happen along the journey?  Will I ever be able to overcome all difficulties with their help?  And at the end, the sword will fall into the hands of...


Checkpoints belong to free app.  Answers apply to both apps.