Love Tangle

You are a credited scientists and researcher of wildlife conservation in Kaleido City.  Your story begins when you move in to the luxurious apartment called Lilac Court, where many celebrities reside, as you take a position in the new workplace.  Kaleido National Animal Institute, to save endangered species.  Once you move in, you get to know many handsome and mature residents.  Then, two men get close to you and begin to fight over your heart.  As your heart wavers, you'll make a decision to choose one, whom you can chase your dreams together with.  Untangle the bittersweet knot of a love triangle, and find your best man!


Ryan Gray
Cody Gray
Miguel Hernandez
Nolan Zarek, Jr
Naoki Hozumi
Carlo Mazza
Timo Salminen
Paul Morgan
Andrea Lee