Destiny Ninja

It is at the end of the Heian Era.

"Where am I?  Who... am I...?"

Having lost my memory and fallen in a battle field, a man appears in front of me.

"I'll take you somewhere nice."

Being picked up by him, I end up being involved in the midst of war?!  A story of secrets and forbidden love hidden behind the Genpei War.  A sudden kiss... Our skin touched for the first time... Ninja love is about to begin.

*Please note, only the answers for the Sweet Love Endings are listed.  As there are only two choices (that I have noticed), all you would have to do is pick the opposite for the other end of the scale*


Color code (for when site is updated):
The [Lovey Dovey] state leads you to Secret Love Ending.
The [Sweeeeet] state leads you to Sweet Love Ending.

Kazemasa Hanzo Hattori
Benkei Musashibou
Yoshitsune Minamoto
Noritsune Taira