"You're one of the few demons that I trust.  Have a little faith in yourself!"

Known as the "Living God of the Western Provinces", he is also a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance.  Unlike other clans, his is worshipped by humans.  He loves dealing out venomous quips with a smile, making it hard to tell when he is truly serious.

Always playing jokes on people for fun, Shin looks listless and has no interest in the human world.  He has very important secrets concerning his clan and has one thing he clings onto.  In Shin's story, you will be entangled with threads of love and trapped in his arms before you know it.

I am also guilty
I know the name...
Let him be
Go back to my room

I think we shouldn't be that suspicious
Tell him what you heard
I'll tell him what really happened

We should observe him for a while longer

What on earth should we do?
Stay here for a little longer
I had no idea

A promise is a promise, though
Make up something, anything

No choices

The... pleasure quarter?
Wait and observe
Yes, that's right
Accept his invitation
Check up with Motoyasu
Stay silent

Try and sound cheerful
I'm going anyway
I cam of my own accord

I was slightly injured, but I'm fine
I will take it
He attached it to me because he trusts me

What relation have you to that thread weaver?
Let him go
Tell him the truth

I will go with you