"You really are trusting, aren't you... Even though I've spent the past six months lying to you."

Head of the Hatsushimo Clan, he is seeking to regain membership among the Ten-Demon Alliance.  His clan was exiled from the Ten-Demon Alliance as "banished demons" due to crimes of its forefathers several centuries ago.  He was finally permitted to visit Yase Village during this summoning.  He carries a chip on his shoulder and always looks down on others.

Despite his innocent, child-like appearance, Senkimaru is sarcastic.  It is because he has gone through bitter experiences.  Tormented, he transforms when his sorrow, which has grown out of being treated cruelly in the past, becomes unbearable.  Can you find true love with Senkimaru in the midst of conflicts between ideals and reality?

I am also guilty
I know the name...
Let him be
Go and check on the others
Talk to Kazutake and Elder Tsuki

I think it is possible
It's not because you're a banished demon
Don't say anything

no choices

Yes, of course
Go and check on the Princess
I would keep quiet about it

No, nothing unusual

no choices

I can't do this...
He got away

Leave things to them
Let's stop all this

We mustn't fight among ourselves!
Don't be afraid...

Are you sure you want to do this?
Refuse firmly

Do you really think I can?
There's really no other way, right?