"I'll stay by your side until the moment the last breath leaves my body."

Known as the "Demon Chieftain of the Six Districts of Mutsu", he is also a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance.  While his aloofness makes others keep their distance, he is deeply trusted by other chieftains and demon villagers.

Kazuya is always calm and even seems cold-hearted at times.  In order to fulfill his idea regarding the future of his clan, he never shows how he truly feels.  However, through the journey with you, change comes gradually to his hardened heart.  In Kazuya's story, you will be surrounded with ardent yet quiet love.  You are the only one who can thaw his frozen heart.

There is no need to apologize...
No, I do not...
Follow after him
Go and check on the others
Go and look for Gin-o

I think we shouldn't be that suspicious
Tell him what you heard
We were just fighting with that assassin

Of course I have not

I just did what was necessary
Go and train
I do not know

no choices

Ask him what's he going to do
Keep it a secret

Because I might be able to help you
Shouldn't talk to Ieyasu instead?
Because I'm worried about you
Ieyasu is so important to you?
I understand what you say...

I don't think I could do anything about it
Stay here
How could you be so selfish?

Please give me a little time to think...
No, nothing

We've got no choice but to believe in him
What warning is this?
Is it okay if I ask Elder Tsuki instead?

Get a hold of yourself
Pray for Kazutake's safety