"I thought I'd finally be able to get you out of danger... looks like that's not gonna happen, though."

Known as "the Wayfarer" he is also a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance.  The eldest among the younger chieftains of the Ten-Demon Alliance, he is like a big brother who naturally ends up keeping the peace.

Kazutake has a sense of responsibility and is everyone's big brother.  Though having the important mission to fulfill the long-hoped wish of his clan, he smiles gently and puts others first.  But it is so obvious to you that he suffers from the heavy burden that you can't help but reach out to him.  In Kazutake's story, you become his haven, the safe place where he can come back.  With your warm heart, form an emotional bond with Kazutake!

There is no need to apologize...
No, I do not...
Let him be
Go and check on the others
Talk to Kazutake and Elder Tsuki

I think we shouldn't be that suspicious
Why would you do that, Kazutake?
I do not know anything

Tell me what you know about humans
Why did you make that promise?

Go and check on the Princess
I would tell everyone

I'm sorry...
Is it alright to tell him?
No, I didn't tell him anything

No choices

Very well.  I have faith in you
I'll wait here
I am not a suspicious person
Are you doing this for your clan?
Call out to Kazutake

Sorry it's my fault
Explain what happened in the afternoon
Say I'll wait here

I made a promise to stay with you
I think it will be difficult
I still haven't found the bandits

Leave it up to Kazutake
I am sure the gods of war will smile on you
I'm not so sure...

Tell him I am returning to the village
Go fight on the battlefield