"I don't want to hear you say that you'll fight alone again.  You said you'd stay by my side until the end, didn't you?"

Known as the "Demon Chieftain of the Nine Provinces of the Western Seas", he is also a member of the Ten-Demon Alliance.  His easygoing nature makes him popular with the other demons.  He is somewhat overconfident, often letting a little praise go to his head.

Chitose is easygoing and always cheerful.  Though his squabble leads him into fights, he is thoughtful of his friends and kind.  However, his face clouds when he swings between the demon and human world.  Your existence gives him more support than anything else.  Nurture true love with Chitose!

I am also guilty
I know the name...
Let him be
Talk to Chitose

I think it is possible
Yes, it certainly is a problem

I do believe in her

I am sorry
Stay here for a little longer
It was nothing

... I should stay out of it
Because I was worried
No, nothing

No choice

Tell him my name
We are comrades
I will leave that up to him to decide
This is not like you
I understand how you feel

You're the same, Chitose
There's no way I can run away

Chitose, go after him

... Is that really okay?
Say that Chitose isn't here
I can't leave you behind

Lie and stay here to buy some time