Can't Say No

Can't Say No

There it stood, alone in the midst of a bustling cityscape, sandwiched between two office buildings, a lonely cafe.  It just happened to be my favorite place.  The door echoed as it opened "Welcome!".  The store owners' gentle voice and the fragrant aroma of the brewing coffee were my only two sources of refuge from the daily stress.

"If you're just holding onto this job while you're waiting to get married, then why don't you go do it elsewhere!?"

Constant overtime and an angry boss was just the beginning of my worries.

"I'm busy, in case you couldn't tell.  Don't create more work for me."

When did I begin feeling so much doubt with the person I've chosen to marry?  At least when I sit and drink the coffee here, it calms my nerves.  I don't want to think about anything else...  Of course, there's always the nice guys who'll try to start a conversation.

"We run into each other a lot, don't we?"

Another regular says to me with a gentle smile.  The security guard will always tell me as I come into the office.  My co-workers who joined the company at the same time and the kid who works at the store all talk to me.

"Why don't you try relying on others for a change?  It'll make you cuter."

"If you need someone to talk to, I'm all ears."

Are those words of kindness?  Or is there venom behind those sweet smiles?  There it is again, the scent of bittersweet temptation that I feel taking over my fatigued mind.  Do I continue with this marriage...?  Would it be a mistake not to?

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