Next workshop in the series: SWDM 2018, co-located with WSDM in Los Angeles, CA, USA.

The proliferation of social media platforms together with the wide adoption of smartphone devices has transformed how we communicate and share news. During large-scale emergencies, such as natural disasters or armed attacks, victims, responders, and volunteers increasingly use social media to post situation updates and to request and offer help. The use of social media for emergency and disaster response has been a prominent application of information and knowledge management techniques in recent years.

There are a number of challenges associated with near-real-time processing of vast volumes of information in a way that makes sense for people directly affected, for volunteer organizations, and for official emergency response agencies. As massive amount of messages posted by users are transformed into semi-structured records via information extraction and natural language processing techniques, there is a growing need for developing advanced techniques to aggregate this large-scale data to gain an understanding of the "big picture" of anĀ  emergency, and to detect and predict how a disaster could develop.

This workshop seeks to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas, identification of important problems, and discovery of possible synergies. It will enable interesting
discussions and encouraged collaboration between various disciplines, and information and knowledge management approaches is the core of this workshop.

The 4th International Workshop on Social Web for Disaster Management (SWDM'16) was co-located with CIKM 2016 in October 28th, 2016.

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